Olaplex has been huge in America for years, and over the last two years it has became a huge part of hair reconstructing in the UK. OLAPLEX is not a conditioning treatment it is a reconstructer. It works by rebuilding broken bonds in your hair whilst you are having a chemical process. Olaplex is a three part treatment. Olaplex number 1 is added into your colour to repair the broken bonds as your colour is processing. Olaplex number 2 is done like a conditioning treatment to seal in your number 1. It is massaged into your hair and left on for up to 20 minutes. Olaplex number 3 is your out of salon hair treatmemt with the same active ingredient as the Olaplex number 1. Olaplex lasts from one chemical treatment to the next unlike a conditioning treatment. Our clients have noticed a huge difference from using olaplex. We have found curly, frizzy hair has now got a more defined curl and less frizz. We have managed to get blondes lighter by using this reconstructer. Our clients have found their hair easier to manage. Olaplex has won hair awards from magazines such as Marie Clare, Vogue and Glamour. This fabulous product works with all colour brands, it can also be added into perms.

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